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Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 7 - A New Creature is Born

The surrounding space started to fade away after the battle, revealing the laboratory that once took the presence of the three of us. Da Vinci took out a chair and sat down, “Alright, before we proceed to the next part of the training, the Endurance Test, you need to do something about Pyro Tigris, before you go out of control.”

Da Vinci said the last few words with great emphasis, this was obviously not a joking matter. Concentrating, I closed my eyes and pictured the empty space. Orange gleaming eyes stared out at me, but I shut the tiger out. Ok, creating a new creature. Got it, but it needs to be able to restrict Pyro Tigris’s quick movements.

Slowly, I shaped out a long serpentine body, this could help by constricting the tiger like an anaconda. Next, I shaped out a diamond-shaped bulk at the front, in reference to a stingray’s wings, and also to my name. To compliment the stingray’s head, I added a long sting at the end of the body. It was like a typical stingray’s sting, but with extended hooks from the side, making quick stabs lethal and agonising.

Next, came two sets of flippers at the front and back. Being strong and durable, they are able to increase the serpent’s mobility on land, as well as defend the serpent from attacks.

To counter the flame, I shaped out the many thorned scales of a serpent with my mind, but it was as if using my hands. I felt every detail and feature of the scales, every crack and pattern, all shaped out as if it was a pottery artwork. Next, I added a moist fire-proof layer of mucus, further defending my creature from Pyro Tigris. In order to make any pounce attacks ineffective, I added thorns to the back of the serpent, sharp and deadly to pierce through flesh.

A creature with these features resemble that of an aquatic creature, so I breathed the power of water regeneration into the lifeless empty shell. Every stingray needs poison, so I added a poison sac in the tail, generating living poison that could be controlled to my every wish and desire.

Finally, I gave the name of this serpent, Thetidis Serpent, after the great thorned ray that resides on ocean floors, the Thorntail Stingray.

Pyro Tigris watched the creation of Thetidis Serpent with eyes of rage and anger, already suspecting my rebel against him. With a quick breath, I breathed life into the serpent, as Pyro Tigris ran off in a fit of fury, not wanting to welcome its new companion.

Slowly, Thetidis Serpent opened its eyes, and a bright yellow flowed into it, contrasting with its black circular iris. Instantly, a dark musky shade of blue flowed from Thetidis Serpent’s head to tail, and bright white filled its belly. Constantly blinking, the great serpent approached me, seemingly curious and innocent, to get to know me. After a nudge with its head, the playful serpent followed up by exploring the space it was born in.

It doesn’t seem that dangerous, I hope it can fight.

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