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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chapter 8 - Fire against Water, the Eternal Struggle

Bright blue light stung my eyes as I opened them. Da Vinci was childishly playing with a tiny ball of light, fiddling with it to create many different shapes. Once noticing me, Da Vinci immediately dismissed the ball of light, and a shade of pink burnt onto his old matured face.

“Alright, now you have to enter your inner mind, where the creatures in your mind reside. To do so, summon a creature in your mind, preferably the one you had created, as rogue creatures like Pyro Tigris might not listen to you.”

Irritated, I closed my eyes once more, and imagined Thetidis Serpent into my mind. The friendly Thetidis Serpent gracefully swam from the darkness and into the space, as if in water, and approached me with bright radiant eyes, prompting me to hold on to its flipper.

Right after I did so, Thetidis Serpent made a turn and guided me into my inner mind. Gradually, the darkness faded away, replaced by a sunny summer sun, and a tropical island appeared. Pyro Tigris was peacefully napping under the shade of a coconut tree, but once it had felt our presence, became agitated and got up.

In reaction, Thetidis Serpent gave out a nasty snarl, revealing its shark-like teeth. This was definitely contrasting with its behavior before. Suddenly, a voice started to speak in my mind.

“That foolhardy tiger, it only knows how to fight, nothing else!”

Reacting, I withdrew my hand, and instantly the voice faded away. Soon, I realised that it had came from Thetidis Serpent, probably because I was in contact with it, so its thoughts naturally flowed into me, its creator.

Pyro-Tigris snorted and grunted out, “What’s with this fish? I’m not any worse than it, why create it, Forger?” Thetidis Serpent reacted with a growl, baring its teeth once more. “Look who’s talking, you are just an orange ball of fur on fire!”

Pyro-Tigris grunted once more, but this time as if laughing, and said, “Bring it, but I doubt that Forger would let you.” Thetidis Serpent wiped its snarl off its face, realising that he was right. Turning to face me, the serpent awaited my orders.

I stepped forward and declared to the tiger, “Ok, so I know that I didn’t create you, so now are you going to submit to me? Or do I have to use force?” The tiger sneered, “So this’s what it’s about, ok, let’s see your fighting skills without my instinct.”

Thetidis Serpent told me to touch its head and concentrate on bonding together, then we could fight. After doing so, Thetidis Serpent was soon sucked into the palm of my hand, and then the transformation started.

My face grew and stretched out, forming the stingray’s wings. My teeth started to deform and shift into that of a shark. But next, my fingers and toes fused together, and started to shift into flippers.

Unable to stand any longer, I fell onto the sand, face down. My torso next started to stretch and extend, forming the serpentine shape. My tail grew out next, and ended with the same hooked sting filled with living poison.

Pyro-Tigris sniggered, as if looking at an ugly monster. I peered into the water surface, without any scales, I had looked nothing like Thetidis Serpent. At this moment, my skin started to deform and take the shape of scales. But what had caught my mind was the feeling of my skin changing into scales, it had felt exactly like how I had shaped them out in the designing process. Every detail and feature, all engraved onto my mind once more.

I unconsciously closed my eyes to experience this déjà vu, reopening them once more with a strange view in my eyes after the sensation faded away. Black was white and every other colour had darkened down. The image of my surroundings in my mind was sketchy and electric, and details were not easily focused.

I looked around me, My transformation is complete.

In a quick blur, Pyro-Tigris immediately rushed towards me, taking the advantage of me adjusting to my new form. As predicted, when Pyro-Tigris pounced onto my scaled skin, his claws were not able to protrude into my flesh.

Taking my opponent by surprise, I twisted my head and struck towards Pyro-Tigris. Baring dagger-like teeth, I munched a chunk of warm flesh out of the tiger’s left shoulder, draining his energy and his warmth. Blood dripped between my teeth as the tiger grunted out in pain, and a scarlet streak of blood rolled down slowly to his paw.

Pyro-Tigris was able to jump back after the attack, but had seemed to be staggering. Pyro-Tigris breathed large flames out of his nostrils heavily. Putting a paw on the bloodied bite wound, the paw burst into flames for a few moments, and was put back down on the ground, with the wound completely healed.

“The warmth of the heart is one of the few things driving our bodies forward, allowing us to live. That was an example of how strong my fiery heart is, and of course I can do it without your incompetence, Forger.”

Licking my teeth, I started devising a new attack strategy in my mind, Let’s try my poison.

Slithering slowly towards my target, the tiger took a defensive position, although he could heal his wounds, but a rapid barrage of attacks would not allow it to have time to heal itself, And anyways, I wouldn’t give it time either.

As if seen a weakness in me, Pyro-Tigris had a small twinkle of hope in his eyes, and pounced towards my more vulnerable face. But before his claws could touch me, I looped my long body around Pyro-Tigris, rendering its claws useless.

However, Pyro-Tigris’s ever-blazing flames caused me much pain, despite the counter-measurements I had made. I solved the problem with a blast of water onto his face and back, ceasing the flames for moments but they came back, much weaker than before.

After skewering my sting into his body, the flames had further dimmed. Obviously I had done a number on his strength with the poison. Slowly, I pulled out the blood-stained hooked sting, with bits of flesh caught in between.

Pyro-Tigris was in more pain as the poison travelled further into his body, causing more damage to his tissues and organs. Pyro-Tigris tried in desperation to get free by wiggling his bladed tail in all directions, but setting his body onto it had prevented much movement. Furthermore, the vigorous movement had sapped his energy even more, giving him not many options to escape.

“Surrender?” I said with a mocking tone and a smirk on my face. Pyro-Tigris replied with a faint voice and a pale face, “Never…”

As the poison approached his dying heart, a bright red light blinked out my sight. What is happening now?!

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