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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter 5 - Introduction to Forge Energy

Imp gasped as remnants of Pyro Tigris’s face disappeared, replacing it with a friendly human face. “What did you do?! How did you do that?!” Imp screeches to me in a confused and stunned manner.

I simply shrugged my shoulders, I too had no explanation to it. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed as a huge shadow appeared behind me, covering me completely in fear and darkness.

I whirled around, seeing a huge black shadowy figure with red gleaming eyes and a long black cape, flapping around in the sudden wind. Slowly, the dark gloomy appearance disappeared, replaced with an old man with a long white beard and white flowing hair, but the old man also had a bald spot on the top of his head.

The old man moved towards me in a proud stride. At conversational distance, the man was slightly taller than me. The man bowed down slightly, and introduced himself, “I am Leonardo da Vinci, it’s a pleasure to meet a fellow Forger.”

Forger? What does it mean? Wait, is he referring to me?

Da Vinci then continued despite my puzzled look, “I’ve felt powerful Forge Energy in this area, it was you I presume? It’s nice to see the new generation of Forgers, the Forge Energy just now was probably your first time right? That would explain the power surge.”

Da Vinci paused, noticing my expression, said, “Boy, do you know anything about Forge Energy yet?!” After a shake of my head, Da Vinci seemed to be shocked or disturbed. “Since you have not gone through the Forger’s Training, you must do so immediately! Let’s make swift to the ADRF Headquarters now!”

At the mention of ADRF, Imp burst out, “Wait! ADRF?! There’s no way I’m going to the enemy’s headquarters!” And as if just noticing Imp, Da Vinci shot a disgusted glance at Imp, “Oh, you are with the Drakels…”

Drakels? No, I don’t even dare to go up to those foul beings, not to mention ally them!” Imp protested with a defensive stance.

“Are you sure? The Grim’s Dreams uniform you are wearing and the fact that you are an imp shows that you work with the Grim Reaper. Please remember this, the Grim Reaper and the Drakels are working together in a conspiracy to gain a dangerous upper power! This is what we, the Anti-Drakel Rebellion Force, are tasked to prevent. No matter, I will just bring all of you to the Headquarters, whether you want to or not!”

And with a quick pull of his cape, we all disappeared from the street-side, and then mysteriously appearing in a dark gloomy room with a single dim light. As I looked around, I realised that the place seemed stuffed up yet tidy, filled up with all kinds of machinery and bookshelves filled up to the brim with aged stained volume books.

With a small flick of a switch, Da Vinci turned on numerous blue lights, transforming what had looked like an abandoned storeroom into a hi-tech laboratory. Taking out a tiny metallic ball with a glowing blue core, Da Vinci tossed it on the ground between him and I.

“Alright young Forger, this moment will count the start of your Forger’s Training. Activate Space-Ground.” Da Vinci’s last sentence had seemed to end with an echo, and afterwards the room had seemed to blank out, and being replaced with an area similar to that of space.

I looked around in awe, not moving a step, afraid to fall. However, Imp and Da Vinci acted like it was a no big deal. “Ray, this is a very primitive Hologram technology in the Other World, the Hologram technology at Grim’s Dreams is much more realistic than this, the technology there would allow us to really as if in space.” Imp explained to me, giving me the impression that the scientists of the Living World had lots of time to perfect many inventions after death.

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