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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter 6 - Forge Energy 101

“Alright, first things first, I shall start with the basics of what is Forge Energy. Forge Energy is an unlimitedly-powerful weapon that dead souls can possess. Forge Energy allows their users to be able to utilise their imagination to create objects or transform themselves into any creature that their imagination can think of, it doesn’t even have to exist!” Da Vinci started up with a brief introduction.

“However, only some souls can possess this gift, in fact only two in every few million souls can possess this power. These two souls would have to maintain balance in the Other World, sometimes as good and evil or both on the same side. I, Leonardo da Vinci, am your predecessor, being the generation two times above yours. One of your immediate predecessors, Charles Darwin, is currently locked up by the Drakels for some unknown reason.”

Imp had looked like someone who was insulted, but knew that he was not in a place to rebut, for he was in enemy territory. This was responded with a sly smile from DaVinci.
“When you first use Forge Energy, it would normally be after this training, which is crafted by the first Forger and passed down to later Forgers, allows you to willingly use Forge Energy. But however in your case, you were able to activate it using your emotions, am I not wrong? So now I shall teach you how to do so willingly.” Da Vinci ended his speech with a flash in his eye and a glisten in his teeth.

“First, close your eyes and imagine a space. Then imagine a creature in it. This creature can take up any features, but the complexity of it would affect on the energy you use to transform into it. Since you have used Forge Energy before, picture the creature you transformed into.”

Ok, a space. Got it.

In my mind, I pictured a black space, no stars, nothing. Then Pyro Tigris leapt out from the shadows, but what had surprised me was that I haven’t pictured him yet, he came out himself… Are these creatures alive?!
“Ok, you have your aura around you, hmm, orange, nice colour, so now you can open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes, everything was in orange once again. I reached out my hand, it was a forming paw. This was different, I thought my body changed first? My other hand had also started to change. My tail sprouted out next, then my fur. But before my limbs were strong enough, my tail blade developed. Suddenly I fell backwards, picking myself up after my muscles developed.

Finally, my weight shifted and flames grew. I was finally in my full form, Pyro Tigris.

“Such a fine feline, it must have been extraordinary designing it. Now let’s test its skills.” I had wanted to say that I had transformed myself without designing the creature, but no words came out when I opened my tiger’s mouth.
Da Vinci had then started a transformation of his own…

A pure white aura came out of him, contrasting with the black space surrounding. Then, he opened his eyes, pure white with no iris or sclera, just white, glaring fiercely at me. But Pyro Tigris was not afraid, it had wanted to fight.
Nothing he can dish out can hurt me, I’m indestructible!

Huge wings shot out of his back. “As you might have noticed, all transformations are different.” Da Vinci said with a smile as black horns grew out of his bald scalp and his hair and beard shot back into his head, revealing his ears. His body took the shape of a reptilian humanoid, and with the wings of a dragon but a head of a devil. Slowly, Da Vinci’s skin started to turn pale white, and then snow white.

Da Vinci closed his eyes for a brief moment, to feel his power, and opened them again. In a deep croaked voice, Da Vinci said out, “Ah, this is my creation, the Snow Devil!”
It seems that Da Vinci could communicate, but why can’t I? Hmm, my next creature must be able to communicate.
Forming a ball in his hands, Da Vinci shouted out loud, “Let the battle begin!!” With a sheer evil screech, and ice formed in his hands, and he shot the ice bolt at me.

Immediately, I shot a flamethrower to counter the ice. It melted instantly before it even touched me. But before I could make a counter-attack, another ice bolt flew towards me, this time faster than the first. I stopped to melt the ice bolt, but then Da Vinci flew towards me in a surprise attack, striking me with his dragonoid claws.

In fear, I drew my blade forward, blocking the strike as I shut my eyes.

Wait, what am I doing? I should be attacking him now!

I flung my eyes open and pushed Da Vinci back with a thrust. Da Vinci was pushed back, but his form prevented much distance to be created. I dashed towards Da Vinci in a mad frenzy, then pounced onto my prey with sharp extended claws.
With a slash from my tail, a wing was chopped off, then another.
Da Vinci smiled devilishly and chuckled. “Nice instincts, now let’s see my Final Attack!”

Wings made of ice shot out from the cut area to replace the wings. Da Vinci hauled me back with suddenly renewed strength and flew up. He put his hands together and formed a lotus facing me, and shouted out, “Blizzard of Ice!!"

Instantly, a fury of ice bolts shot out like torpedoes, one faster than the other. With nothing else to do, I shot my flamethrower, but the ice just shot through, stabbing me in my face and shoulders.

“Haha!! The ice is millions of times colder than normal, there’s no way ordinary fire could melt them!” I glanced at my shoulder and realised frost had already started to grow on me, slowly trying to devourer my body into a frozen statue.

Argh! I need a Final Attack of my own!! I need to focus, maybe Pyro Tigris would know!

I loosened my mind, but my muscles tensed and my body moved. Pyro Tigris had taken control of my body. My body sprinted over to Da Vinci, and leapt up with enormous strength, achieving Da Vinci’s level in the sky.

Then, in mid-air, flames shot out of my right paw, like a huge flame glove. With a battle roar, I slashed Da Vinci with my right paw, amazingly melting his wings and his ice.

As Da Vinci crash-landed onto the battlefield, I touched the ground perfectly with a graceful pose. A rough deep voice came out of me, “Revenge of the Tiger.” Pyro Tigris’s control over me faded as Da Vinci slowly got up, injured.

He started to morph back, recovering from all injuries as if nothing happened. “Well done, you were amazing! However, you lost control of your creature, right? That would explain the sudden surge of power as well as not introducing your creature’s name.”

I started to retain my human form as well. “Sorry, its name is Pyro Tigris. But there is something odd I found about it. For one, When I had first used it, I didn’t design it at all. And when I started to transform into it, it appeared itself instead of me picturing it and it didn’t allow me to speak.”

Da Vinci had a troubled face. “Pyro Tigris must be a rogue creature. Since it is a rogue creature, you have not designed your creature at all. You can either dispose of it or you can try to control it. Design a creature and battle Pyro Tigris in your mind. If you kill it, you can never use it again. But if it submits to you, it will be added to your Forger’s Library, the collection of creatures in your mind created using Forge Energy.”

But Pyro Tigris is an animal of great pride, it will be difficult getting it to obey me, but its strength is very valuable. It would be useful for future battles…

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