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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chapter 3 - A Whole New World, of Danger

Although I was given time by Imp to stay in the Living World for awhile longer, in my mind was a huge blank. What should I do first, visit my family? My friends? Hmm, I should just enjoy the Living World with all of its beauty and Nature, after all I might never see them again.

As Imp and I slowly strolled down the path, I looked around my surroundings from a perceptive of one who had seen it for the first time. I was surprised as a small Sun Bird landed on a branch of a tree. The bird settled peacefully on its branch as I crept towards it with awe, this was the first time I had seen a wild bird full of life up close before.

The Sun Bird had beautiful and streaking yellow feathers with magnificent brown wings and patches of grey over its slender body. And in its eye was an image full of life and inspiration, something that many alive would not be able to notice.

I glanced back to Imp to show him the Sun Bird, but he was busy staring at a small contraption, with tiny yellow lights on a gridded screen. My first guess was that Imp was searching for another dying soul to replace me, but I couldn’t be too sure.

I turned my attention back to the Sun Bird, but instead it had flew away! Immediately, a strong shockwave blasted through my body, instantly piercing primal fear into my heart. Imp looked up, obviously he had felt it as well. But I looked at the surrounding people, no one had seemed to notice it.

At a corner of my eye, I saw a tiny corpse of the small Sun Bird, collapsed on the road, wings spread out, as if it was in mid-flight. Imp came towards me, with the same shocked expression that I was wearing, urging me to leave the Living World with him immediately.

Soon, another shockwave blasted, this time stronger, as if the source of the shockwaves was closer.

What is happening? It must be serious, even Imp is serious now! I have to-

My thoughts had been interrupted by a huge blur of brown and red leaping over Imp and I, causing the winged imp to faint instantly. The blur was followed by a larger second, but it was red and white.

The blurs landed on the pavement, causing the concrete to crumble out of pure force. When I caught the appearances of the unknown beings, I saw two winged creatures. Each had long beak-like noses and terrible menacing eyes. The larger was wearing red elegant robes and had snow white hair. The other wore a cloak of dead leaves and had a peculiar tiny black hat.

The larger creature took out a feathered fan and waved it towards itself, and pointed a clawed finger towards me. “Tengu, capture that soul now. I’m sure that the Creators would value such an unharmed soul…”

The Tengu laughed and let out a mischievous screech, and disappeared. In that same moment, the Tengu appeared behind me, and whispered to me, “Peek-a-boo.”

I recoiled back in fear and surprise, stumbling back a few steps, but instead got caught by the other creature’s arms.

Master Tengu, now that we have the soul, what do we do with this insignificant red waste?”

The Master Tengu flicked its wrist, indicating the Tengu to dispose of Imp. “Such waste would not be needed by the Creators, dispose of it.”

The Tengu lifted the unconscious Imp with the ease of two fingers, casually shaking him to see if he was still unconscious.

Although I don’t know Imp at all, I can’t stand by while someone kills my companion! There has to be some way I can help!

Suddenly, a bright orange aura came out of me, shocking both Tengus. I let out a demand with a deep, almighty voice, “LET MY FRIEND GO NOW!!!”

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