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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 2 - New Introductions

I stared at the jumpy creature, panicking around and ignoring me, just as the crowd was, only that the creature noticed my presence, which had seemed to have disturbed it. Soon, the driving of a vehicle filled the atmosphere.

An imp-like creature? A soul? What was this about? Why couldn’t anyone human respond to me?

These questions revolved around my head as the vehicle came and the crowd made way. My answer to the questions came as policemen came, also ignoring me, and carefully laid a huge cloth over me.

At this, I recoiled back in surprise. But what really surprised me was that the cloth literally went through me. It was then had I realised that I was a ghost!

Calming down, the creature looked up at me in deep thought as I started to get up.

The creature said nervously, “H-hello! I am y-your em, your ga-guardian angel! Ya that’s it. Do not worry, I’m here to help you, p-please lie back down…”

I thought that the creature was insane, first acting strangely and then claiming to be my guardian angel with that devil-like appearance. I squatted down to its level, “Look, I don’t know what you are, or why you’re so panicky, just answer me.”

The creature stammered at my answer, before giving a final sigh, sat down and decided to calmly answer to me. “Firstly, my name is Imp. I am a servant, or rather, employee of the Grim Reaper. You’ve probably heard of him, after looking at the media culture of your world on my collection missions…”

I was quite taken-back by his answer, the Grim Reaper? He’s just a myth, a legend, there’s no way he could really be real. And what does Imp mean by ‘collection missions’?

“I know what you’re thinking, many centuries ago, the Grim Reaper had created a organisation with the request of an unknown group of spirits in the Other World. The request was to do something about the morale of the dead souls in the Other World, as the years gone by, the souls were getting more and more moody and rowdy. They found out that the cause of this is that many souls could not bear to leave the Living World.

“That’s where the Grim Reaper’s organisation, ‘Grim’s Dreams’ comes in, our top imp scientists and researchers had discovered a way to pinpoint the locations of living souls that were about the die, as well as a way to knock out and to maintain a soul to be unconscious while we bring it to the Other World. Then we are able to put the soul in a Soul Simulator, where the soul would wake up, and the soul would be able to ‘live’ again in a way by having the Soul Simulator simulate the soul’s living daily life based on his or her memory. After the soul ‘dies’ he or she should be able to accept the fact that he or she have had a fulfilling life. The thing about you was that I was not able to inject the Soul Tranquiliser into you in time, and you regained conscious…”

I stood up, with my mind trying to absorb the huge change of events that had just took place in a few minutes. A lone tear rolled down my cheek.

I’m really dead. But I died so young. I didn’t get to do the things in life I’d always wanted to do. What will happen to my family? I have to stay.

I wiped my face and looked back down, but before my mouth opened to say anything, Imp had already knew exactly what I had wanted, to stay in the Living World.

At first, Imp had seemed reluctant to allow, but after reminding him that it was him who had ruined my ‘life’, he gave my request further thought. With a sigh, Imp said his answer, a yes.

A radiant beam instantaneously ran across my face, from ear to ear. “My name is Ray, nice to meet you Imp!” I cried out to the surprised creature.

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